Something complicated...: Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well the only thing that will be headache most in my life is about relationship. 
So far, i've been meeting a lot of guys and somehow going into relationship but not officially yet. 
It's not easy at all to find someone that understands you. Yes you found it, but it doesnt mean that they will be yours. They'll be anybody else's or they're not interested in you or whatsoever. 

First of all, the first guy that treated me so well that i met in my life in kl was Sky.
Yup, he helped me lot. If he were not there with me that time, I wouldn't be so strong right now. 
He teaches me a lot. He helped me a lot as well. He's an extremely nice guy. 
He helped me to clean my house from head to toe. I wanted to do but he took all the jobs away.
He cooked for me, my breakfast my lunch and my dinner..... 
He treated me so damn nice. I really appreciated for what he had done to me. 
He sent me to college everyday. He picked me up to buy groceries to be used at my place. 
He downloaded movies to watch with me. He even wrote those sweet lil notes to remind me on something and set it as wallpaper. All the things that he had done meant a lot to me. 
So damn lot. Seriously..... 

If somebody were to say he's a bad guy, i'll screw that fella up and tell that fella to actually knows him better first before you kick ppl's ass. Or else i'll be the one who kick your ass off. 
Something complicated II :

Here yo go the second guy that i met...... 
He is Sean a.k.a Monkey :p

Here you go another sweet, caring and nice guy that i met. 
He's the one that is truly in my heart and mind right now. 
I never thought that I would be so close with him. It's way beyond my expectation. 
He's a very fierce guy as well. But for your information, I will always prefer a fierce guy rather than a so not fierce guy. Ya, i love to be pampered. But i prefer to be controlled. 
If you're able to control me, then.... Congratulations, you've won my heart. 
I love to be controlled. I want a guy who can actually control my everything. 
Well, even though he sounds really perfect to me. But.... He's still not gonna be mine. 
I know that. Seriously..... 
I want him in my life, but I can't. He's taken, he's not belong to me. 
He's not mine. He is not..... 
I cherish every single moment that i'm with him. 
I appreciate every single things that you've done to me. 
Even a very simple breakfast that you made for me means a lot to me. 
It doesn't make any sense if I say I don't like you, I have no feelings towards you. 
If I ever say that, it means i'm lying. 
Even an idiot knows how much I love you.
I enjoy being loved by you.
You're not mine, but most of all.... I love you baby boo.
It's about friendship. : Monday, November 19, 2012

不知道为什么你总是扰乱我的思想, 介入我的生活, 介入我的世界。
虽然你已经有女朋友了, 可是你对我的好, 我深深的感受到了。
前几天, 你受了很严重的伤进了医院。
虽然帮不了什么忙, 可是我时时刻刻都想陪在你身边。
只要看得到你, 我的心就会比较踏实多了。

: Saturday, May 5, 2012

I am not his cup of tea.... 

Let's talk about something special and yeah my crush.....: Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guess what..... I admire this guy since I was form3. He is a good looking boy from SAB.
He is damn freaking superb extremely cute! But then before I get along with him, what I did was just stared at him from far. At first, I thought he was a chinese guy but mix something else or what. 
I'm glad to know that he's a malay boy.... Lol 

Now, I got the chance to get along with him and even hung out with him and Anita. Thanks to Anita, she helped me a lot. Lol
He is a bad boy, but then he is nice. Lol what i mean is, he is a nice guy but a playful boy. That is what makes him adorable.
And yeaaaaaaah, he is so nice to me. Maybe that is the way he treat girls, but then he is nice to girls.

Our first hung out...... we went to SDJ's IU Day. He was sitting beside me and I'm so damn happy that he sat beside me. After that he shared his earphone with me because the performance was too lame. Lol
Then we talked to each other in CHINESE.

Don't you find that it is cute when two malay fella talk with each other in chinese? 

So here we go.... Our second hung out was on Sunday. After our Omega class, 12:45pm. We went for lunch together-gether and then we talked to each other again and again in chinese and get to know each other very well.

Our third hung out was YESTERDAY! A'haaa yesterday was freaking awesome. We went to EC's IU Day. We cabut at 12pm and went to CS for lunch with Anita, Aaron, Veenoth, and also that guy, so called BABY FACE. We had our lunch at Nando and had a weird conversation.

And yeah I pinched him like i used to pinch my friends, and he dislike it. He pinched me back and even scolded me for the stupid action :-( But it was nothing...... My fault actually. Then he put his head on my shoulder because he was damn exhausted. Poor baby face....

Then we accompanied him to buy clothes and shoe for SIGS's IU Day. I was picking like damn serious but then i'm not gonna meet him on that day also because i'm not going :'( We accompanied him till 3pm, and were late for tuition. Congratulations, admin called our parents and we got screwed by our parents. Lol :p

How i wish i can be the one who'll be there for you all the time when you're down and lend you my shoulder whenever you need it. I want to..... Seriously. But i know it is impossible. Let's just be friend, i don't wanna loss such a good friend like you just because of my stupid admiration.
New Year, New Hope.: Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello readers, how are you guys been doing? It's 2012 and i'm still blogging and sharing my stuffs.
So far everything was okay, and guess what..... i'm going to sit for a big big test by this year. 
Well anyway, i just hope i can do well and i hope i won't be a lazybum anymore.
I'm sick of being a lazybum that couldn't scored well. 
No matter what, i just hope those 95's will work hard and achieve their goal. 
I'm trying to be a good student and do all those handout work to my teachers. 
I think that's all from me. I'm so lazy to type so much of words like writing an essay. 
Goodbye, have a nice day xoxo 
Hello, my beloved readers!: Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey babes and dudes, how do all of you do? 
Wow it's been since my last post about Justin Bieber. LOL 
Well, i'm pretty great here anyway! Hope all of you are doing great too.
okay shall I talk about my personal life nowadays? Hmm... SURE!

Okay let's start...

Time flies... And now I'm a sixteen years old girl that is going to sit for my SPM next year.
A'haa, good luck for those who're taking SPM this year! All the best xx
I hope next year it won't be too tough.. I'm quite nervous actually...

Now, let's talk about relationship then...

I'm still SINGLE. Plus and plus, I had been single since 3 years ago. 
I know it was a WOW, but believe me.. It was true. 
I don't really love and enjoy my single life. 
But what to do right, it's about FATE
Well, it's hard for me to find a suitable guy.. Really hard!
But i'm still looking for another one... 

It's about FRIENDSHIP now...

I own a lots of awesome and amazing friend! 
Especially those tweethearts. They're amazing!
Thank you so much, and also my schoolmates. 
Love you guys so much damn much xx

I think it's enough for me today... I'm freaking exhausted actually.
Enjoy your day! Lots of love from me; Jannah xx 

Justin Bieber ♥: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 Okay as you all now, he's Justin Bieber, my superb idol.  
He's freaking awesome, adorable, handsome, cool and talented. 
I don't give a damn damn whether you like him or not. What i know is, I LOVE HIM
I watched his movie,  over 10 times already. LOL
I know that's crazy, but seriously i like that movie superb damn much. 
Well as you all can see from all those pictures above, that is my desktop background, 
iPhone background, twitter background, google chrome background and formspring background. 
I'm crazy on Justin Bieber because he know how to entertain his fans at twitter. 
No matter what, i'll support him all the way and love him till the end of my life.
He teach us to  &  that  our dream will come true!
I want that like crazy! I'll buy it! For seriously, at all cost! 
Hello beliebers out there. Nice to meet you all and welcome to Justin Bieber's world! 
I love you to the max,  

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