All About My Life: Sunday, December 20, 2009

err , i feel like i'm so lucky to have my family and all my buddy besides me .
aku ade sorg kwn , bdk tu mmg tak friendly lagsung . so nobody likes her !
but i dunno how can she live without friends ?
for me , friends and family is the most important things in our life .
i cant live without them . thats the reason why i write blogs :)
is to share my everthing , no matter sad or happy to everone .
i'm so appreciate that God gaves me everything that i want .
some of them says that i'm proud blablabla .
but what i wanna say is , i'm not proud at all .
i just shy to new ppl okay ? i think everyone have the same thing right ?
okay okay , lets talk about my PAST TENSE . hahaaa :D
as you dunno , before this (first to third month of 2009) i'm a notty notty plus notty girl . i dunno who i am that time , i had totally change !
i became a liars and poteng quite a lot at school .
masa tu mmg aku tak knal aku sendiri , aku gado dgn best buddy (fetty) bcause of some small matter . Pengaruh Budak Jahat ? absolutely right !
but after that 3 months , aku tukar blik kepada Jannah yg you all kenal .
yg baik , yg periang , yg caring *chehcheh syok sendiri jerk :DD
i'm so regret that what i've done before this .
if time change switch back , i want to study hard !

*agak boring lah malam neh , grrr
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