I Love You Sister , Fetty <333: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes , i'd create a new blog . hahaa !
write a blog and dairy is the only way that can make me feel better i think so .
for me , life is just like a movie .
everyone this world are fake . except my family . and my bestie :)
err , fetty is the most caring and best sister that i'd ever meet .
she always help me when i'm in trouble .
masa bdk yg guna picture aku pun dea yg bnk tlg . and thanks to AJ to ;D
i know her since i'm 4 years old i think so .

Masa awal tahun , i know i let you (fetty) dissapointed .
i really don't know that i'm worst that time .
i know i shouldn't be friend with HER .
you advise me , but i ignore you and scolded you that time .
aku menyesal gila lepas gado dgn kau disebabkan DEA .
and i know what you do all this is good to me .
i'm so appreciate , you bring me to a better world .
thankyou fetty :) i swear to myself that i'll study hard for my PMR .
i'll prove it to everyone that i can do it ;DDD
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