Morning Session On 2010: Monday, December 21, 2009

Today , is the open day for those are form 2 , form 3 and form 5 for next year .
penat gilaa lah kerja koopreasi hari neh . dah lah ramai org , but tahun lepas lagi ramai . tahun neh kerja smpai pukul 12pm jerk , tahun lepas smpai pukul 4pm - 5pm ohh . when i stepped in to my school , the first thing that i do is , finding the list of 2010 (form 3 batch) . but cikgu belum paparkan ohh ! around 10 something , cikgu syarifah pun dtg . then dea tampal everything kat notice board .
i'm so happy that i'm going to be in morning session next year ! Yahoooooo .
hurraaaay , i love you pengetua for putting all form 3 student at morning session !
hahaa . damn happy lol ! about the class ? aku tgk kat notice board tulis 2b3 , bkn kea kene tulis 3b3 ? i dunno lah , but if salah type means that everybody are in the same classes . about my gred ? sudah meningkat ohh ! hurraay again :DDD
hope dea salah type lah , bcause i wanna be in the same class with my buddies !!
but seriously , i don't wish to be in the same class with THAT GIRL .
grrrr , but what to do right ? she say she wanna moved to BLABLABLA (i dunno where) , but at last ? she say she don't wanna moved . grrrr !
haiyaa . all this are fate lah , what to do ? haihhh .
what i need to do now is STUDY HARD . get a better result ohh .

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