City Square :)): Friday, December 18, 2009

Today , i have a lot of fun and shopping with fetty , biee and lolly ohh . hahaa ;DD
act , we wanna watch my fav ZombieLand movie .
but unfortunately , the guy at the cinema said that below 18 is not allowed to watch that movie .
what the hell ? grrr , i'm so angry that time .
at last , i but a DVD and wacth it at home .
OMG , ZombieLand is a great movie . i love it <333
but gt a lot of violence part lah . i like it damn much !
guess what , at Summer bite shop gt a chinese guy damn handsome ohh .
hahahaaa , he smile at me . OMG , crazy lah :DD
then , we go and shopping . buy buy buy and eat eat eat !
at last , i buy a cute top lah :) lolly , biee and fetty choose it .
i love that shirt , damnn nice and cute . thankyou honey :))
we going back around 4pm something lah , i have a lot of fun with lolly , bie and fetty .
next time outing again yeah ! hahahaa :DDD

-The End -
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