Good New about Jun Ye: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wanna know what good news mah ?
i'll tell you right now , hahaha .
Jun Ye is single now , yeahyeah :D
the stupidd liew Hui Ping dumb him , aiyooo .
if i'm hui ping i will treasure him lol .
but its good to , deaorg tak sesuai sgt lah .
Hui Ping tinggi sgt ohh -,- then Jun Ye very handsome , but Hui Ping ?
not pretty at all :P hahahahaha .
yesyes , he's single :D
just now i saw Jun Ye , Hoe Yuen and Ting Kang at Perling Mall with a girl .
Jun Ye saw me , but he scared to smile at me . because my mom standing beside me hahaha . but at last he smile at me to , YEAH :DD
i like the way he smile at me
and i like to look at your cute face
you're so adorable and handsome for me , Jye Jyh also damn handsome lol :)

-The End-
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