What Do You Wish To Do With Your Future BoyFriend (when you're 20 above): Sunday, January 10, 2010

I wish that i can go for prom night with my BoyFriend , dancing with him .
and have our romantic dinner :) wearing my beautiful pink dresses , and his wearing a black colour coat .
i love to see a guy wearing a coat , for me its so gentleman and so handsome .
nampak kemas doe , tak mcm lelaki yg pakai t-shirt jerk .
when you're below 18 takpe mah , neh dah besar pegi kerja pun pakai t-shirt jerk .
not my cup of tea lol , i wish that i can marriage with a gentlemen , polite , handsome , funny , caring and buisness man :D hahahahaha , ade kea orang mcm tu ?
insyallah !
and i wanna have a romantic and grand wedding :D whoaaaa , dah tak sabar nak tau siapa future husband aku .
bagi aku , couple zaman sekolah neh just for fun lah .
tak serious pun , aku tak pecaye yg couple zaman sekolah neh boleh kekal smpai kahwin . i know got a few , but dalam 10 couples , maybe only 1 can last till marriage lol .
errr , for now i'm not going to accept any guys kot .
nak study dulu , unless i meet my Mr.Right .
i can single for a long .... long time .
why i cant single till 20y/o , am i right ?

-The End-
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