Omega (Sunday): Sunday, February 28, 2010

ohhh today ? damn happy and damn fun .
hahaha pegi tuition kat Omega , 12:45 pegi Plaza Pelangi jalan sorg sorg .
then sitting at Dunkin's Doughnut waiting for the time to go for another tuition at 1:30pm LOL . while i sitting at there , i saw a lot of handsome malay guys whoaa .
they all tuition at Omega to , some of them are super duper handsome ler .
but sure gt gf already lah hahaha :D
then they all looked at me , then smile at me hahaha
then aku senyum jerk lah then terus blahh hahaha , bengang weiii ;p
err then deaorg pun ikut blkg aku .
then one of them jalan sebelah aku , kawan dea plak tanya 'ehh kau apesal jalan laju laju weii kau nak usha dea kea ape ?'
hahahahahaha pehhh tambah bengang plus malu plak kan !
after that deaorg ikut jerk blkg aku , deaorg block C aku block B
so aku naik dulu , then they all ckp 'ehh nty blik tunggu tau BBYE'
hahahahaha whoaaaa cair sudah ;p but aku tak tunggu pun hahaha
aku pegi Plaza Pelangi meet mama , then otw nak pegi tandas jumpa bdkk handsome tu tau . then he smile at me OMG , damn cute ;D
hope that next week can meet him again !
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