Monday :]: Monday, March 22, 2010

hari neh mcm biasa kot sekolah , nothing special maybe
ohhh YEAH ada ada ! hari neh Puan Yeh Ah Lek going to say GoodBye to us
err today i have a nice and long chat with Paan at school
i like to chat with him , he's a logical gentlemen and polite guy
he treat me as her sister since i was form1 , he take care of me
he always gave me a lots of opinion and he's the one who help me if i'm in trouble
ingat lagi masa tu because of some misunderstanding then 3 of us (me , paan , 3B) gaduh lah sehh ! masa tu mmg tension gila tau haha , haiyaaa let bygone be bygone
we talk about everthing , pasal couple pasal camera pasal family pasal RICH PEOPLE hahaha , banyak gila topik ;p he's great and perfect for me
and the most important thing is perkataan buruk tak penah keluar drpd mulut dea kot
he's a caring bro to , he's life is full of joyful and happiness
nothing that can make him angry or sad , kalau ya pun sedih kejap jerk
dea slalu pkir pasal orang lain dulu sebelum pkir kan diri sendiri
and and dea slalu ckp 'haihh you all adik adik Paan mah , so i must take care of you all ! this is my job' whoaaaa sangat sangat gentlemen haha
anyway , you're great Paan and you make our life full of joyful ThankYou Bro <3
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