Raining Day (Omega Tution Centre): Sunday, March 14, 2010

err as usual , Sunday morning pegi tuition blahblahblah
and the pegi Plaza Pelangi asyik terserempak dgn budak handsome yang kat Sports House tu hahaha , tak tau knpe sehh . but everytime he saw he , he'll smile at me :)
he's smile kinda sweet and handosme faces ;p

about 2nd Zac Efron haha , tadi after tuition BM 3:30pm aku tunggu mama kat bawah
then masa tu hujan lebat gila whoaaa , suddenly i saw a handsome face in front of me
whoaaaaa its 2nd Zac Efron siakk ! haha damn excited , and guss what he standing besides me with his friends . ohh we're just like a couple waiting for each others parents hahaha ;D he didnt smile at me , maybe dea malu or whatever
what i know is , I ADORED YOU 2ND ZAC EFRON !
i wish i can be your friend one day
the way you look at me gave me a sense of you adored me to (hope so)
thats all , see you again next Sunday 2nd Zac Efron :)
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