About Him - 2nd David Archuleta: Monday, April 12, 2010

You're to special for me and you're the Mr.Right that I've been searching for 7 months
when we meet each other (first sight) you're not handsome for me
but seriously after I know you , I realize that you're a good looking guy
hm you have a handsome face , cool and smart style and also gentlemen
you're great in english , me to hahahahaha ^^
I hope that I can be your sweet cup cakes and I can sing for you everyday haha
I dont know whether you adored me or not , but what I know is I deeply in love with you
you mix chinese and arab thats why you look damn handsome hahaha
I love the way he and the way he make me laugh
and we have a unforgetable day 09/04/2010 haha
is our secret , I cant tell anyone of you except my besties Sorry ;p
you make me fall in love on you and you make me crazy on you lahh David Archuleta
you're mine , I Adored You :*

I Dont Need Any Guys , What I Want Is Only You !
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory