My Mr.Right: Thursday, April 1, 2010

wanna be my Mr.Right ? make sure you're suitable for me
lelaki idaman :

1)Handsome ^^
2)Love Me
3)Make sure I ♥ You to
5)Wont shout at me
6)A guy that in black , pink and stripe t-shirt
8)Photographer maybe
10)Manja but not flirty and not to manja , it will make me feel discusting
11)Not a busybody and control me in everything guy
12)Understand my feeling
13)I dont care whether you're smoking or whatever but please NO DRUGS !
14)Not a GS guy
15)Heighter than me (around 6 to 7 feet)
16)Smart guy
17)Good in english maybe
18)Will not asking and taking any cents from me
19)Can make me laught and happy everyday
20)And the most important thing is NOT A PLAYBOY

Thats All I Think so haha ^^
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory