I Miss The Old You :(: Monday, May 31, 2010

Aku rindu kat *** yang lama dohhh, kau pegi mana?
Why you turn into another stubborn and hatred girl! WHERE ARE YOU?
Why you behave like that now? you're not supposed to be like that
You're not the adorable, sweet and kind girl that I met before this
And kau tak penah appreciate apa yang aku dgn kawan kawan lain buat kat kau
Kita bukan nak kau balas balik, but what we want is only AN APRRECIATE HEART
Please show us some appreciate heart from you! We love you
And we want you to be great! Not to be a hatred girl
Nobody wish to be a hatred girl isnt it? So please, change your attitude
And please setia pada yang satu, dont be a playgirl okay?
He love you a lot, and we love you to
Thats all, hope you can change your attitude after you read this Bye Ly :*
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory