My Dear Shariff Razak :): Monday, May 31, 2010

Yeahh, at last dpt pun knal dgn dea haha He's a gentlemen!
And he's a great guy to, dea bukan jenis lelaki yang layan pompuan
but dea layan aku ;p haha I saw his fb and I add him up
After that, he leave his numb to me At that time, i felt superb excited ^^
He's so adorable! And he treat me as her lil sis, because he doesnt have any lil bro or lil sis
Same as me whoa haha He's perfect And I love the way he are
I'll texting with him no matter day or night except he go for tuition at Omega
Actually, I admire him because of his appearance looks like someone that I admire before this
Someone that only my BFF know haha I admire him very very much
But at last, I make him dissapointed and he make me dissapointed to (because of someone)
Btw, I dont feel to have a bf now What i want is just a grestest FRIENDSHIP
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