About me :D: Monday, June 7, 2010

Name : Nurul Jannah Bte Md Hassan
Nickname : Jann, Jane, Monkey
Age : 15 y/o
Birthday : 11/09/1995
Address : xx, Jalan Kosa x, Taman Perling, 81200, Johor Bahru
Status : Single
Hobby : Chatting, Listening to music
Siblings : Brother (Rabbani), Sister (Solhah)
Parents : Mama (chinese) Papa (malay)
Love : My family and, buddies, sisters and brothers
Hey readers, wanna know my character? okay, i'll talk about my character at here! I'm a girl that love to be friend with everyone, no matter you're chinese malay or indian because i can speak english, malay and also chinese fluently. I love to be myself 'i am who i am' is my sentences that i usually talk to my friend haha. I hate to change myself, and i wont change myself beause of anyone, even my family also cant control me. I know what i'm doing so dont worry about me. Hm act i'm a polite girl, but if you step on my tail then you're going to get it from me! I wont talk bad about you if you didnt talk bad about me! I hate backstabers, if you dislike me just talk infront of me, i dont mind! But please step me from behind! I hate it F***KING damn much! I love my life, i love my friend! You all bring a lot of joyful into my life Love you all guys :*
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