Cant stop thinking about you :(: Sunday, June 27, 2010

Awwwwwww is hard for me to stop thinking and forget about you
you're to special for me, i cant find a man that is greater than you
you make me deeply fall in love on you! you're my cup of tea
and nobody can replace you in my heart eventhough i knew that you'll not be mine
you're the only one i love and you gave me an unforgetable memories when we hang out together! we ate BR ice-cream together, we sat together, laughting together......
seriously i cant forget about you! you're so meaningless for me
i would like to pause my life at that moment! pause at that sweet moments and make my life sweet untill the end of my life
you're such a lovely guy that i had never ever meet
i hope that you read my blog, because i want you to know that you're always in my heart
although i knew that i'm just nothing for me, but i just want you to know that I LOVE YOU FOREVER :*

Affan I Love You and I Miss You
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory