Hm going to talk about YOU again :): Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well at last dpt pun tau apa yang dea pkir
hm aku tgk profile picture dea hugging dgn girl lain
OMG sumpah jelous gila wehh! then aku tanya lah dea about profile picture dea tu
dea ckp girl tu dancing partner dea and dea suka girl tu
but unfortunately dea org Singapore
BUT dea ckp even girl tu mintak couple dgn dea pun dea tak nak
because dea tak nak ganggu pelajaran What he want is FUTURE
hm and he said that he wont accept any relationship
what he want is just caring from FAMILY
okay aku dah phm dah But no matter what i still love you
an i wont change my mind I'll still love you till the end of my life
this is my promise to you! you're too perfect for me
I'll wait for you :)

I Love You Affan ♥
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory