Errr kinda miss my friends, guys where are you all?: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Izyan Syazwan Emma Jani Hadira Eiyaaaa Ieyaaa Sis Bieya Fazz
Amir Anuar Dinie Mirul Cycam Caril Lee Nuarr Rasyad Alem Shah Nabil Adam Alif Haziq Qayyum Alep Anel Efy
Guysss, i miss you all damn much! Lama gila tak contact dgn you all yang listed kat atas ni :(
You all hilang kemana weh? Langsung tak contact i pun kan haishh
dah lupakan i eh? :'( Yeahhh i know some of them busy PMR and also SPM
but after you all busy contact lah i, tau tau? Especially Emma Jani, i miss you freakin damn much siaa! Lama gila tak contact dengan you Nahh i know you busy SPM right syg? Its okay, i understand your situation :)
Okay, thats all for today!
Byebye Love You Guys :*
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