HIM :D: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Okayy, seriously i had fall in love on him!
The way he speaks, the way he dressup, the way he laught and the way he acting like a kids
I love the way he is! Loveee the original N****
But kita kurang texting lah Sbb dea ni kinda BUSY and banyak outdoor activities
kita texting pun kejap je Not even 15messages i think so
So everyday i'm missing him!
Yang paling tak boleh blah that time he say 'I LOVE YOU' to me infront of the office! Awwwwwww kinda sweet! haha
Errrrr act i dont know weather dea ni betul suka aku ke tak, takut aku ni SS je kat dea :p
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