You hurt me :'(: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nabil, knpa you buat I mcm ni? I love you! But why you do that to me?
Pagi pagi je you msg I, bersayang sayang dgn I, but act you just nak ckp yang you tak nak go on dgn I
And you ckp you tak nak hurt I, but don't you think that you've already hurt me a lot!
I cried because of you just now! Tadi mama bawa pergi shopping kat Plaza Pelangi
My tears drop down when I saw the massage chair at Level 3 and I miss our moment damn much
You want me to frgt about you and let our love disappear by itself
OMG ayat tu lah yang buat I sedih gilaaaaa you tau tak Nabil
I gave all my trusted and love on you, but at last you hurt me to!
You want me to forgive you? Sorry is hard for me to forgive you!
2years I tak percaya kat lelaki, and suddenly you muncul dlm hidup I and you prove to me that you're a good guy
You're the only guy who made me deeply in love on you! You're the only one!
And that's the reason why I cried because of you, I tak pernah nangis sbb lelaki but this time I break my record
I wish you can be mine! Seriously, Nabil I love you!
Hm is time for me to wake up, Nabil doesn't love me anymore

After this no more trusted on guys anymore! You're the last Nabil
Thankyou for making me don't trust any guy anymore, Thanks for everything Nabil :'(
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