Amirrr I'm so sorry: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amir sorry I've let you down! I keliru act, idk I sayang you more or just 50%
You treat me so good, eventhough you selalu marah I but I know you marah sbb you sayang i
I can feel your love but i don't wish to make you suffering
You selalu phi I but I tak pernah phm you, I'm a stupid and worthless girl!
Tak pernah appreciate apa yang you buat kat I, you are a good guy Amir
But eveytime when I tgk wall you chat dgn girl lain or wtv confirm I jelous gila =="
Now I nak lepaskan you pun mcm tak sampai hati, but I can't be so selfish
I know you need a gf, hm you just go on with your life
Don't think about me anymore, I'm just a stupid girl
Hope you can meet a better girl than me Amir :(

GoodBye, and hope we can still be best friend forever
Hm again I Love You Amirrrr! :(
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory