Emma Jani :/: Thursday, September 9, 2010

Errrr hello Emma, I'm wondering I ada buat salah kat you ke?
Why lately you dah tak layan I? I comment gmba you but you tak reply, sedangkan org lain comment you reply
And then I comment you kat fb pun you tak reply, and and I msg you byk kali pun you tak reply
Maybe that time you tgh sedih or wtv I phm, but why sampai tak layan I langsung?
Okay I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong to you, but please tell me what did I done wrong to you?
I rasa I takde kot buat salah kat you, takde langsung.
I wish selamat hari raya pun you tak reply, and you tak wish I pun
What's wrong Emma? I nak sgt tau jawapan drpd you :(
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