Emma Jani ♥: Saturday, September 25, 2010

Emma, my dearest sister
I learn a lot of things from you. You teach me how to be strong, patient and more
Lately kita makin rapat kan Emma kan? ^^ Suka kawan dgn you and i like your style
You jenis orang yang tak berapa amik kesah or amik tahu regarding to ppl that dislike you
You'll just block ppl that dislike you and you'll say "what for nak jadi friends dea sedangkan i dah tahu dea tak suka i, block and delete is the best way" ahaha apa yang you ckp always in my mind Emma. And then, you jenis yang ikut hati sendiri, if you say NO that means NO. Nobody can change your mind. Fyi, i suka kawan dgn you. Talking to you is just like to someone that can be trusted.

I Love You Emma and and FRIENDS FOREVER
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory