Shariff Razak :D: Friday, October 8, 2010

Yoooo handsome!! Haha long time no see and long time didnt hang out together
Awwwww kinda miss you! Last time we shopping together, laugthing together ^^
You dtg awal for tuition sbb nak temankan i. Aww damn sweet man!
Alaaaa after this dah tak dpt jumpa you lagi sbb you next year you dah 18
And you're going to Singapore study PILOT course.
Buddy, i'll miss you duperb duper hyper much!
You promise to me that you wont lost contact with me.
I hope that you wont break your promise
He's a caring, sweet and gentlemen guy
He named me as "KIDDO" haha
Starting i dont like that name superb much. Idk why :p
But lama lama mcm sweet plak LOL
I pray for you that you can achieve your goal and do well in your SPM examination
Shariff, you're the best bro and buddy! Thank You for the moment that you had spent you're precious time with me.
I'll miss you and I Love You Brooo ♥♥
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