Badmintonnnnnn ^^: Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well, just now i went for badminton with Adien, Ashril, Bonzer, Farmia, Nasya and Bonzer's cousin.
Then then Haikal pun ada ^^
But dea dgn kawan dea lerr. At least dapat tenguk muka dea hehe
I dont dare to play with him, because he's tooooo expert.
I'm just a normal badminton player.
After that, aku lawan dgn Adien. God, he's expert to.
Aku asyik kalah kalah kalah jeeee haihhh -.-
Goshh, Haikal is a good badminton player you know.
The way he smash and so on showed that he's expert.
No matter what, today i really enjoyed my day with all of you
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