I miss my form3 school life :(: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Errr god, can you please switch the time back to the first of January?
Seriously, i miss my school times super duper hyper much!
I miss all of my beloved classmates. We enjoyed our time together
Laught together and we shared our single things together.
Yeah indeed the malay boys was kinda annoying at that time
But they're still polite and treat us just like thier sister!
At the beggining of 2010,
i still remembered that Me, Fara, Baby and Mieya were very close.
We shared our everything together
No secrets between us and we laugh as loud as we can during school period.
We even hang out together almost every week.
I miss that moment damn muchhh!
But now we're no longer close to each other.
Whats going on with all of you? :(
Why cant we get back together like before this?
Now left only me and Mieya.
Haihhh, no matter what i love you guys very much :*
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