Omega, i'm back :]: Friday, November 26, 2010

Yahooooo next week dah start tuition! Yes yes ^^
Ehem, everyone keep on asking me 'Jannah, you kan form3? Belum dpt result, what for tuition?'
Well, i had already choose what subject that i'm going to take next year.
Add Maths, Modern Maths, Account, Science, Bahasa Malaysia and English.
I need to buck up myself earlier, so that nty tak gelabah or tak boleh catch up.
Haha next year is not my honeymoon year.
I need to understand every subject and also topic that i had learned.
I had missed PMR examination i dont wish to missed out SPM.
I wanna gt a good result and i wanna go to Singapore after SPM!
I'm going to struggle between this two years.
AND i wont be social anymore.
Fyi, my tuition time includs weekend. That means i wont have anytime for me to enjoy.
I purposely choose weekdays and weekend :p
So Jannah, YOU CAN DO IT! Thumbs up!!
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