Teachers outing dayyyyyyyyy :D: Monday, November 29, 2010

She's my beloved primary teacher Wong Shu Pei

She's gorgeous and hot right? ^^ Haha
She is the most sporting, gorgeous, adorable and nice teacher that i had never ever seen before.
Although she teached me only for a year maybe, but i like her.
She talk nicely and own a good behavior.

Well, today i hang out with her and her sisters.
Three of them work as a teacher. Cool huhh? Hehe
Her mom is a headmistress of a school at somewhere else.
Fuhhh, three of them look superb gorgeous!!
They dont look like a teacher but look like a model you know. LOL

11:31am Shu Pei teacher pick me up at my house.
Then we went back home pick up both of the princess.
We arrived at Jusco Tebrau around 12:27pm.
After parking and so on, our first destination is "CINEMA" haha
After collecting the ticket that i had booked three days before, we went for lunch.
Haihhh we're so unlucky that we choosen Kenny Rogers to had our lunch -.-
We waited for so long to order and we waited for so long to ate. Ishh!!
We're running out of time yet they still havent serve our food.
At last, forth of us fedup we paid for the muffin and mineral water only then we walked out.
Haihh so we ate muffin and popcorn for our lunch.

Fuhhh we watched "UNSTOPPABLE" hehe
Its was soooooo awesome and nice! I love it
Nahh, i dont wanna talk about the movie at here.
Wanna know more bout the movie?
Go to cinema and watch then ^^

After watching movie, is time for us to shopping!!
Haha i brought a WH singlet for Fetty and Shu Pei teacher brought a pair of shoes.
Then we went to "Ah Fook Street" to had our dinner.
We ate chicken chop and mix veetable soup. Woww, its kinda nice.
After that we went to a old bakery shop and brought some banana cakes.
Then we had walked at there.
Well is almost 7pm. So is time for us to go back home.
They sent me back and stay at my house, chit chat with my mummy.

Btw, seriously today i had a lot a lot a lotssss of fun!
Thank you Shu Pei teacher and her sisters.
Nahh, thanks to three of the princess :p
Hehe i really enjoyed my day!
Hope we can hang out together again next time.
I Love You!
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