Yeayyyy! Iphone 4: Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yahooo!! Mama said that she'll brought me an iPhone 4
And and she had brought it!
The salesman said that after 2weeks the stock will arrrive to Jb
God, i'm soooo freaking happy mannn! I didnt asked for it before this.
All of the sudden my mum said that
Mama : Haa thats the iPhone 4 that mummy wanna brought for you
Me : WHAT MUMMY WHAT? You wanna brought an Iphone 4 for me? Seriously mummy?
Mama : Yalah, do you want it? Its okay if you dont want
Me : Ohhh my godness! For sure i want it! Thanks mummyyyy ♥
I promise that i will take care of it mummy.
Thank you so so so so damn much ^^
I Love You!
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