Back to school -.-': Thursday, December 30, 2010

Okay buddies, enough of enjoying shopping and now its time for us to back to school. 
Well actually i love to go for school. Because we can meet all of our friends and so on. 
So its not that bored to. The worst thing is staying at home and doing nothing. 
So i promise to myself that i wanna be a good and hardworking girl.
Hopefully i can achieve my goal and study well. 
Anyway, did you guys prepare for school already? 
If haven't then i think you better go and prepare for school. 
I had prepared everything for school already except school bag.
I brought a new pencil case, new water bottle, new uniform, 
new socks, new stationaries, new files, new shoes and new tudung. 
Everything goes new, AHH and also THE NEW VERSION OF JANNAH JANE ^^
Hmmm i think i might be very busy on next year so i cant catch up my blog and facebook. 
Anything just contact me by phone or just wall me okay buddies? 

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