My pretty teacherrrrr :D: Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well today we're supposed to leave at 1pm.
But teacher lost her card holder. Inside the card holder included IC and LICENSE
So she go and make a police report and so on. 
She picked me up at around 3pm.

Firstly we went to 'somewhere' to brought some banana cake. 
We arrived City Square around 3:45pm.
After having our lunch we went for shopping and so on.

Its around 6pm, teacher decided to go to the place where she lost her card holder.
Both of us keep on searching for the card holder in the rain ^^
How lucky we are? Wohoooo
Guess where did we found the card holder? 
Inside the DRAIN! OMG, we're so damnnnnn happyyy
 but at the same time both of us was thinking about how we're going to picked it up.
Two of the malay guy that worked at the pasar borong came and helped us to picked it up.
Hohooo we're so thankful and happppyyy. 

After settle everything at police station we went to MONSTA CAFE :D
Auwww i  that place damnnnnn much! 
Its kinda cool, sweet and awesome!
We had our dinner there and drew something on the drawing corner.
Ohh ohhh its about 10pm and is time for us to go back home. 
Well, today i had a lotsssss of fun!
Thank you teacher and and happy becoming birthday. I You :*

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