Addmaths T.T: Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today was my first Addmaths lessons of 2011 at Omega. 
Okay buddies seriously i'm going to tell you that ADDMATHS was like hell man. 
Godddd, terrible and horrible you know! T.T 
At the first my tutuin teacher explained about Addmaths and so on. 
That time i was like 'ohhh okay lah, not that hard'
But when the lessons really started i was like 'WALAOWEE :O'
And i dont know what to do. I just sat at there stare at the teacher.
Later on teacher came to my place, he explained and explained to me.
I can understand more than it but i dont think so i can catch up. 
So its better for me to give up and just take account and ICT

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