Bestfriend, BestBrother! ^^: Friday, January 28, 2011

  You're my bestbestbestbest friend. 
You always here for me. 
You cares about me. 
You think about me. 
You always give me advise.
You treat me as your beloved sister. 

Okay well, idk why i start to adore you. 
After so many years we had been together, what i mean is close to each other. 
Haizz..You're to special for me and for sure its hard for me to frgt about you. 
Like what i said just now, you're my everything and important for me. 
In fact, i cant live without you bestfriend! Hihihohohehehaha
You're just like my real brother. Cares about me.
A'haa, thanks for the advise about that 'guy' 
I'll ignore him just like what you had told me before this. 
You're always in my mind and you're in my 2nd place. 
Auww yeah for sure my 1st place is for my family. 
 I know we'e just bestfriend, not more than that.
But no matter what is it, i love you brother. 
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory