Hello Bloggers and Readers :): Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ohh well its quite a long time i didnt update my blog. Kinda miss my blog ^^ Hehe 
Okay now i'm here to share with you about my new life and new class. 
I'm so glad that i can be in 4k1. Before this i cant even struggle into a good class. 
But now i had that oppurtunity to get into a good class and i'll work hard for it. 
Seriously i can see the differences between normal class and good class. 
Well readers, wanna know more about my time table? Here you go. 

Monday - School period untill 1:45pm
Tuesday untill Thursday - School period untill 2:25pm and going to Koperasi at 3pm
Friday - As usual 12:20pm and going to Omega at 4:45pm
Saturday - Going to Omega at 4:45pm 
Sunday - Going to Omega from 10:45am untill 5:45pm 

Gilaaaa kan? LOL :D Thats how i live now. 
See, i had told all of you that i wanna struggle right? 
I did it and i'll keep it up. 

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