Amiera Azhar ♥: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello babe, bestfriend and my beloved twins. 
I miss the old you freaking damn much you know.
Fyi, you're the best in my life and my life is unperfect without you. 
 But why you had changed a lotssss? T.T 
I've been watching you for this two months.
Since you had couple with that guy, you became weird. 
Looks like i'm not important to you anymore you know. 
Well, you know i'm not that 'kecik hati' but i just feel very sad. 
Okay i dont mind if you wanna be friend with 'HER' seriously
 because both of you are in the same class, so tak baik lah if ignore each other kan. 
Hmm i know both of them jelous tgk aku dgn kau rapat and kau lebih kan aku.
But aku spend time dgn kau baru 20mins je, takan lah tu pun diaorg nak jelous? Zzz -.-' 
Just ignore what they say and do your part. 
And remember that i'll always be there for you, now and forever. 
So anything yang sedih or wtv please tell me. 
I'll try my best to help you like before this okay? 
Please, i love you forever bestfriend  

credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory