A sad love story: Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yesterday i received a msg from a friend of mine.
Its about a sad love story and i wished to share will all of you.

There was a couple who texting everyday with the same question, 
'How are you? Have you take a bath? Eat? What re you doing now?'
Everyday the boy answered the question with the same answer till he get bored.
One night, the received msg from the girl but he decided to read it later
Because he know what will the text about but then he frgt to open the text and take a sleep.
On the next day, the girl's mum called him and said that the girl was being raped and killed last night.
The boy felt sad and then he opened the text that he received last night
'Where are you? There are two stranger following me. I need you to come here now, please?'
The boy shocked and cried over alone. 
After few hours, the boy was found dead in his room and blood over his hand.

The moral of the story are we must appreciate our own couple no matter what. 
We must always show our love and show how much do we care about him/her. 
credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory