So now i'm going to talk about my best friends.: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, they are ppl who i trusted most nd fyi they are freaking cool. 
They make me LAUGH OUT LOUD and i love them till my last breath.

Fatimah Amira - Well known as, Fetty Syaf. She's my childhood friend and she's the best in my life. She always help me when i'm in trouble.

Fatin Hanisyah - Well known as, MakTen. She's my classmate and also my BFF that always be at my side. She's the one that always make noise with me in the class

Fadhilah - Well known as, Lolly. Well,she's stunning and damn gorgeous. I love her style because she looks great in every kind of style. She's a soft spoken girl, she always ignore what ppl said about her.

Hadira Ashikin - Well known as, DiraaDot. She's freaking hot! She's the one that always listen to my silly stories and i used to call her, chit chat about everyone in our life.

Syahindah J - Well known as, Ieda. She's used to be my crazy lesbo at tuition. But now we're not in the same tuition classes. She's a cheerful  and nice girl. I miss her freaking damn much.

Izyan Syazwan - Well known as. my gorgeous Izyan. She's pretty enough and she's totally beautiful in tudung. This year she's going to sit for SPM, so goodluck yeah sister!

Nadhirah Zakaria - Well known as, Ieyaa. She's superb cute and she's my outing partner. But now we're not as close as before this, because of school activities and so on.

Emma Jani - Well known as, Emma cutie. I used to listen to her probs, and she used to listen to my probs to. I do miss her, hope she's doing great now. No matter what, she's always in my heart.

Amiera Azhar - Well known as, Mieya Ah Blur. She's blur, but she's cute. We're not as close as before this to, because of certain issues maybe. Anyway, she's one of my BFF to.

Shafiqah Sharifudin - Well known as, Shaff. She's awesome! She always be herself and she's cool. No lies, no fake and caring ---> Thats her!

Amir Jacobs - Well known as, AJ. He's the one that always listen to my probs and my gossips partner. Although he's quite gedik, but he's cool.

Arif Alwi - Well known as, GOOGLE. He's freaking cute and i love his voice freaking damn much. Fyi, he's a goood goood gooood guy.

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