Hello, my beloved readers!: Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey babes and dudes, how do all of you do? 
Wow it's been since my last post about Justin Bieber. LOL 
Well, i'm pretty great here anyway! Hope all of you are doing great too.
okay shall I talk about my personal life nowadays? Hmm... SURE!

Okay let's start...

Time flies... And now I'm a sixteen years old girl that is going to sit for my SPM next year.
A'haa, good luck for those who're taking SPM this year! All the best xx
I hope next year it won't be too tough.. I'm quite nervous actually...

Now, let's talk about relationship then...

I'm still SINGLE. Plus and plus, I had been single since 3 years ago. 
I know it was a WOW, but believe me.. It was true. 
I don't really love and enjoy my single life. 
But what to do right, it's about FATE
Well, it's hard for me to find a suitable guy.. Really hard!
But i'm still looking for another one... 

It's about FRIENDSHIP now...

I own a lots of awesome and amazing friend! 
Especially those tweethearts. They're amazing!
Thank you so much, and also my schoolmates. 
Love you guys so much damn much xx

I think it's enough for me today... I'm freaking exhausted actually.
Enjoy your day! Lots of love from me; Jannah xx 

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