Something complicated II : Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here yo go the second guy that i met...... 
He is Sean a.k.a Monkey :p

Here you go another sweet, caring and nice guy that i met. 
He's the one that is truly in my heart and mind right now. 
I never thought that I would be so close with him. It's way beyond my expectation. 
He's a very fierce guy as well. But for your information, I will always prefer a fierce guy rather than a so not fierce guy. Ya, i love to be pampered. But i prefer to be controlled. 
If you're able to control me, then.... Congratulations, you've won my heart. 
I love to be controlled. I want a guy who can actually control my everything. 
Well, even though he sounds really perfect to me. But.... He's still not gonna be mine. 
I know that. Seriously..... 
I want him in my life, but I can't. He's taken, he's not belong to me. 
He's not mine. He is not..... 
I cherish every single moment that i'm with him. 
I appreciate every single things that you've done to me. 
Even a very simple breakfast that you made for me means a lot to me. 
It doesn't make any sense if I say I don't like you, I have no feelings towards you. 
If I ever say that, it means i'm lying. 
Even an idiot knows how much I love you.
I enjoy being loved by you.
You're not mine, but most of all.... I love you baby boo.
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