Something complicated...: Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well the only thing that will be headache most in my life is about relationship. 
So far, i've been meeting a lot of guys and somehow going into relationship but not officially yet. 
It's not easy at all to find someone that understands you. Yes you found it, but it doesnt mean that they will be yours. They'll be anybody else's or they're not interested in you or whatsoever. 

First of all, the first guy that treated me so well that i met in my life in kl was Sky.
Yup, he helped me lot. If he were not there with me that time, I wouldn't be so strong right now. 
He teaches me a lot. He helped me a lot as well. He's an extremely nice guy. 
He helped me to clean my house from head to toe. I wanted to do but he took all the jobs away.
He cooked for me, my breakfast my lunch and my dinner..... 
He treated me so damn nice. I really appreciated for what he had done to me. 
He sent me to college everyday. He picked me up to buy groceries to be used at my place. 
He downloaded movies to watch with me. He even wrote those sweet lil notes to remind me on something and set it as wallpaper. All the things that he had done meant a lot to me. 
So damn lot. Seriously..... 

If somebody were to say he's a bad guy, i'll screw that fella up and tell that fella to actually knows him better first before you kick ppl's ass. Or else i'll be the one who kick your ass off. 
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